Teresa Baker & Michelle Tanner

Mother & Daughter Funeral Directors

Funeral Services

We will guide you through each step of planning a funeral and explain the services that we offer and provide a cost for each. You can make an appointment to meet us at our office or you may wish to discuss the details in the comfort of your own home, whichever you find more convenient for you.


Our Chapel & Facilities

Conveniently located in Hove town centre, close to all public transport links,

our chapel, homely arranging room and reception area are available.

Private viewings can be arranged in my chapel.


To download a copy of our brochure, please click HERE




Flowers can tell a story - create a feeling. Flower arrangements

for coffins can be low key and subdued, bright and flamboyant,

traditional or unconventional – the choice is yours.

We can arrange all floral tributes on your behalf.  



International Arrangements

In the unfortunate event of a death away from home, we can make

all the arrangements necessary to have your loved one repatriated.

In some cases, they may be returning to their land of birth for burial.

Once again, we have the experience and expertise to be able to

co-ordinate the planning and preparation required to achieve this.



Caring for Different Cultures

We understand the significance of diverse cultures and religions,

and recognise that each culture and religion has specific customs

and rituals which must be followed. We will always be sympathetic

to your personal needs.



Care Following the Loss of a Baby or Child

The death of a baby or child is one of the most devastating

losses anyone will experience. We have become highly regarded

in organising meaningful services for babies and children.


To download a guide to the services we provide for babies and children,

please click HERE




We can provide a full range of memorials.  For more information regarding

our range, please contact us or download our brochure HERE



Much Loved Tributes

Much Loved is a free tribute service from the charity Muchloved

that allows you to remember and commemorate your loved one in a

very special way.  For more information, please download

our information booklet HERE


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